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Nalgene Bottles Are An Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Bottled Water

Ahead of you acquire an additional 24-pack of bottled water, consider this statement about how numerous barrels of oil it takes to make plastic water bottles: “It requires 1.five million barrels a year just to make the plastic water bottles Americans use, according to the Earth Policy Institute in Washington, plus countless barrels to transport it from as far as Fiji and refrigerate it.” Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

This appeared in the article, “Water, Water Everywhere, but Guilt by the Bottleful,” in The New York Instances, on Aug. 13 2007, by Alex Williams.

Resisting buying bottled water could be difficult for many folks. Bottled water is cold, easy to shop in a refrigerator and straightforward to transport. When individuals neglect to recycle bottled water, nonetheless, the bottles grow to be a liability rather than a luxury.

By: Rubbermaid Products

According to the Container Recycling Institute as stated on, “8 out of 10 plastic water bottles utilized in the United States grow to be garbage or end up in a landfill.”

There are options, however, for bottled water. One such option are Nalgene bottles.

Polycarbonate Nalgene bottles are best for storing water at the workplace, gym, outdoors or property. The water drinker could carry the burden of re-filling the Nalgene bottle on his or her personal, but a Nalgene bottle is sensible, and at this point, an practically required alternative to bottled water.

According to’s about web page, Nalgene bottles have been around considering that 1949. Originally, nonetheless, Nalgene bottles only came in the kind of scientific lab gear.

More than the years, the Nalge Company started to generate bigger Nalgene bottles. Now, Nalgene bottles can be noticed virtually anywhere.

Nalgene bottles are beneficial for more than their reusability. According to Absorbent, Ink.’s Nalgene bottle product page, Nalgene bottles are practically indestructible, lightweight and are constructed from high-grade polycarbonate to insure no strange odors or flavors spoil the taste of the Nalgene bottle’s contents. This smell or taste transfer usually happens with conventional plastic water bottles.

Nalgene bottles could contain and shield your beverage far more effectively, but the business who produces the bottles has added an added incentive with utilizing the Nalgene bottle.

Nalgene has started a system named Refill not Landfill: A campaign to lessen disposable water bottle waste. The system states that if you obtain the limited edition Refill Not Landfill Nalgene bottle, your “proceeds will go to Native Power, supporting their mission to help build Native American, farmer-owned, community primarily based renewable energy projects that develop social, financial, and environmental advantages.”

A Nalgene bottle is a wonderful way to make positive you are by no means with no water. Nalgene bottle’s sturdy construction allows them to be transported simply. Nalgene bottles and the Nalge Firm have also completed its component in assisting decrease the waste created by way of throwing away plastic water bottles. Probably it is time to buy Nalgene bottles for your business to aid reduce the waste bottled water creates every day. Check out Nicmarwater.

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